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Beautifully Hand-crafted Yurts Designed For Garden Living

Do you dream of having your own space at the bottom of the garden? Perhaps, a secret snug, home office, studio... Maybe you need extra accommodation, or somewhere to entertain and host dinner parties... If so, look no further.

We have designed a Garden Yurt to suit all styles of garden living. Here are some ideas for how our Garden Yurts can be used to improve the quality, enjoyment and productivity of your life:

If you work from home you will understand how important it is to create a space free of distractions. Imagine the morning ritual of walking through your garden to your yurt, lighting the fire, popping the kettle on the stove and then making your morning coffee or a nice pot of tea before you start a day's work in the peace and quiet. What a perfect recipe for a productive day in your garden office.

A secret snug is a wonderful thing. It's a place to relax, read books, draw, practice yoga, meditate, and the list of possibilities goes on...

If you have children, you can reclaim your house and send them down the garden to a yurt they can call their own, which is a space free from computer games and online social networks. How cool for them to be able to invite their friends to come and hang out in the Garden Yurt.

Maybe you crave space to be creative and you're looking for an artist's studio, a sewing room or a potting shed. A Garden Yurt is very versatile and can be used for so many activities.

A sumptuous summer dinner party in the garden would wow your friends and family.
Have you ever fancied ‘glamping' instead of camping? You can even pack up your Garden Yurt and go on holiday in it, or take it to a festival.

So you see, there are a multitude of purposes for this wonderful addition to any garden.

Our Garden Yurts are hand-crafted from sweet chestnut wood made by the same master craftsmen that make our Wedding Yurts.

We have sourced some beautiful coloured canvas, which is more suitable for garden life than our cream canvas Wedding Yurts.

The colours include: Navy, French and Royal Blue, Plum and Chocolate Brown. Please contact Lizzie for a colour swatch.

You can design your Garden Yurt to suit your needs, as each yurt is made bespoke and tailored to your wishes. The Yurts have optional extras which include: solid oak floors, wooden doors and wood burner. Plus, you can choose to have a fabric liner made from a material of your choice, or from our collection of vintage finds.

Ideal for every season, our yurts are cosy in the winter and cool in the summer, so make your outdoor space an extension of your home by treating your garden like an extra room. Your Garden Yurt can be designed to compliment your personal style and that of your home and garden.

For more information feel free to phone Lizzie on 07816452080 or email