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Our Wedding Yurts

Our Wedding Yurts have been designed with very close attention to detail. Hand-crafted in Devon by master craftsmen out of ash hardwood sourced locally from sustainable woodland,

the frames are finely finished and covered in a cream polycotton canvas.

Our Yurts are made locally by our sister company Yurts for Life. Together, we have designed a Wedding Venue that is light and spacious because we understand how important these elements are for any celebration. Careful consideration was given to the design of the roof, which is based on Kyrgyz yurts with their curved ribs, to create extra height. Also, all of the furniture is made from timber to complement the ash hardwood structure.

Each and every wedding is different from the next.  Our Wedding Yurts offer a fantastic and unique venue with a WOW! factor.  With three sizes to choose from, we can accommodate smaller intimate congregations to larger more lavish affairs.  Our Wedding Yurts can also be podded together to create separate spaces or a combined guest space, depending on your design. 

All of our yurts have solid wooden floors which harmonise with the space adding that extra level of luxury and also necessary for the chairs and tables to be stable and for guests wearing high heels. Additionally, it provides extra warmth and protection from the weather and makes an excellent dance floor.

The yurts are completely weatherproof and suitable for all seasons. For example, the top wheel has a removable clear plastic cover which allows for excellent ventilation to keep the space cool in hot weather.

Our yurts are perfect for free spirited couples who want to celebrate outdoors without compromising on luxury and style.

Wedding Yurt Seating Plan for 90 Guests 


Wedding Yurt Seating Plan for 88 Guests


Wedding Yurt Seating Plan for 80 Guests


Wedding Yurt Seating Plan for 65 Guests


Wedding Yurt Plan Layout


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